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November 2015

Cleanliness is one of the most basic expectations of hotel guests. Real risks exist in terms of communicable diseases, particularly in the travel industry. While hotel operators work to meet their guests’ expectations for cleanliness, frequent media reports of outbreaks may generate an elevated perception of risk for some guests. Increased consumer awareness of communicable diseases and concerns about traveling beg the question.

Multiple studies have investigated factors influencing accommodation selection. Unsurprisingly, many concluded that cleanliness is one of the most important factors reported that the majority of complaints and compliments received by hotel managers pertain to standards of guestroom hygiene.

Cleanliness has been identified as an important criterion in judging service quality, and the physical environment plays a significant role in the delivery process.


The Jackson Court Hotel Overview

Once such Dublin based Hotel that focuses on being both aesthetically pleasing and cleanliness is The Jackson Court Hotel. Like many others in their industry, The Jackson Court believe that the key to attracting and retaining customers is through offering an unforgettable experience and have realigned their performance measures to include customer satisfaction as a core metric.

Over the previous ten years The Jackson Court Hotel has focused their facilities management towards deep cleaning and has contracted these services to the SMC Group.



Prior to The Jackson Court Hotel creating a relationship with SMC Group they faced many challenges. Customers required higher standards as Dublin, like every other top rated European City destination offered variations from Michelin star restaurants to gastro pubs and five star hotels to motels. Consumers requested more and so The Jackson Court increased their standards.

The Jackson Court Hotel employed a combination of the in house maintenance team and a local carpet cleaner for both ad hoc carpet cleaning requirements and deep carpet cleans. The difficulties with this system related to the carpet cleaner using basic cleaning machines with cold water to extract and clean. This resulted in much downtime for The Jackson Court Hotel as carpets required between 1 -2 days to fully dry before customers could avail of the rooms. Another problem related to an after smell within the room and shrinkage of carpets in some areas.


Options Available

For the hotel this dilemma meant up grading their deep cleaning methods and they had three options available to them: See table below for more information.

See table below for more information:


Deep Cleaning Options AvailableAdvantagesDisadvantages

Outsource the cleaning to SMC Group


  • Professional technicians
  • Rapid response
  • Updated equipment
  • Hot water extraction
  • 1-2 hours drying time
  • Enhances lifespan of carpet
  • Removes 98% bacteria
  • Budget assessment

Purchase machine and train staff to use it


  • Efficient for emergency clean up
  • Expensive
  • Much training required
  • Maintenance of equipment required
  • Storage of equipment
  • Time allocated to personnel

Local carpet cleaner

  • Cold Water Extraction
  • 1-2 days drying time
  • Significant business downtime
  • Smell remaining in the rooms
  • Damage carpet through shrinkage



Why is SMC Groups Carpet Cleaning Method Effective?



  1. Thorough Vacuuming and Pile Lifting tudies have shown that 80% of the soil on carpets is dry soil (sand, grit, food, etc.) and can be removed successfully through Mechanical Pile Lifting and thorough vacuuming.
  2. Hot Water Extraction Process
  • After the carpets have been pile lifted and vacuumed, SMC Group technicians will conduct colour testing to ensure the compatibility of the cleaning method that we would use and to guarantee that there will be no colour bleeding or shrinkage to your carpet. We also apply pre-conditioner to loosen and suspend the soil for easy removal.
  • For superior results on soiled carpets SMC Group use hot water for extraction.  The process is extremely gently yet thoroughly cleans the entire carpet fibre whilst making sure that there is no damage to the carpet backing or underlay.
  • As a result of using hot water the carpets will dry in approximately 1-2 hours and has no residue from the cleaning products making the carpets stay fresh and clean longer.



Solution & Benefits


The removal of indoor air bacteria results in a healthier room as air quality has greatly improved


  • The Jackson Court Hotel noted two days downtime with previous cleaners as the drying time was significantly longer. Sections of the hotel where not allowed to be used and this resulted in planning in advance for visitors
  • With no downtime for the hotel, productivity has increased.



Cleaning Specifications


The machines used for carpet cleaning have been certified Gold by the Carpet and Rug Institute. All cleaning solutions used are:


  • Certified Eco Logo
  • Children & Schools Green Guard Indoor Air Quality
  • Design for the Environment US. EPA Approved
  • Wool safe approved


“Over the past ten years SMC Group has worked within The Jackson Court Hotel. For carpet and upholstery cleaning we required a viable long term solution that was efficient, cost effective and most importantly, left what was to be cleaned, clean! We haven’t been let down in any aspect of their service in this time and even to this day they still treat every clean as if it was their first. SMC Group understand that when we need something done on the day for a pop up event, it has to be done and they’re at our door within hours. They have taken the time to consult with us during our refurbishment on what carpets will give the best lifespan in conjunction with their cleaning techniques. Their staff are always professional, courteous, punctual and have so much attention to detail in their work. To sum up, they go the extra mile every time and that’s why they’ve been with us for so long”.

Paula Jackson

MD – The Jackson Court Hotel

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