Marmoleum Floor Restoration & Sealing

Case Studies: Dun Laoghaire County Council

Marmoleum Floor Restoration & Sealing


Marmoleum Floor Restoration & Sealing
Dun Laoghaire, Rathdown County Council
July 2016


Dun Laoghaire, Rathdown County Council canteen used by staff and visitors for lunch and tea breaks.

Management are acutely aware that a clean environment creates a space where staff can appreciate some down time in their working day, which will be reflected through a more productive team.

At present the floor does not meet managements required standards and they feel that it is imperative for staff and guests to have a clean and healthy environment where they can switch off from their busy schedules.


Marmoleum floor laid in large canteen over 15 years ago appears damaged by layers of polish added over years of on-going maintenance.

Polish build up has caused discolouration of the floor and has mixed with surface contaminants making the floor look permanently dirty and unhygienic. In this condition the floor is difficult for the general cleaning company to maintain as even with regular stripping and polishing this is not resolving the underlying issue.


Removing 15 years of polish built up on the hard floor surface without damaging the surface beneath the layers whilst providing a viable option with regards to maintenance going forward.

Floor is located in food preparation and service areas so the use of solvent cleaners and strippers is prohibited. Low-level radiators and fixed furniture have areas of heavy polish with extreme build up concentrated particularly around edges and in tight spaces.


Replace Floor


New surface.


Environmental impact, most costly solution, extensive downtime, needs protective wear layer to extend life of floor.

Strip & Repolish


Quickest option, removes surface grime, least expensive option (short term).


Uneconomical due to underlying issue, high maintenance, currently not manageable.

Restoration & Wear Layer Application


Cost effective (medium – long term), new floor look with protective wear layer added, easy maintenance, environmentally friendly (by creating a Polyurethane wear layer the actual floor is protected from dirt & foot traffic etc.)


Possible down time.


Restoring the canteen was the primary option for the client as the work could be carried out outside of operational hours with no downtime whatsoever. The critical factor was to remove the layers of polish without damaging the surface underneath.

Once we knew this could be achieved the option was to add a new wear layer through a specialised two part polyurethane coating. This new coating would hermetically seal the floor and make the day-to-day maintenance of the floor much easier.

The end result was handing over a marmoleum floor finished to a high level whereas the floor can be maintained by staff on an on-going basis without the need for polishes or regular polishing on an on-going basis.


Team of technicians required outside of standard working hours to work on floor slowly breaking down the layers of polish using specialised equipment and solutions. Floor assessed regularly between phases to ensure no breakdown or intrusion of the marmoleum. Two applications of polyurethane to act as new wear layer. Daily maintenance plan and product provided to client in order to maintain floor to the highest level.


“This was a challenging job as there were years of polish built up containing a mixture of contaminants such as grit, stains and bacteria all of which had become part of the floor giving an uneven and dirty appearance even after cleaning. We used our 40 years of hard floor restoration experience to remove the polish without damaging the surface and followed this with an application of a polyurethane coating. This gave the client a new resilient and easier to maintain wear layer which protects the marmoleum without the need for regular repolishing going forward.”